Let's get started building out our new skill.  First we need to create and configure our new project.

Login or Create a FREE Account

Visit VoiceApps.com and either login with your existing Google account or create a new Voice Apps account.

Create a New Project

When you sign in to your account, you are taken to the Projects page.  A project is equivalent to an Alexa Skill.

You will see all of your projects at the top of the page.  Towards the bottom, you will see a "Demo Projects" panel.  These are sample projects that you can view to see how they were created or even use as a starting point for your own projects.

To create your new project, click the "Create New Project button at the top-right of the page.  This will bring up the "Create Project" window.

Configure Your New Project

  1. First select a title for your project.  For this demo, enter "Ice Cream Shop" as your project title.

  2. Next, choose an invocation name.  An invocation name is how users will launch your skill.  In this demo, enter "ice cream shop" as your invocation name.  Users will say things like "Alexa, open Ice Cream Shop" to launch our skill.

  3. Now choose a category for your skill.  Select "Business & Finance" for this demo.

  4. The next option is "Target Languages/Locales".  Alexa skills can be published to many different locales and in different languages.  With Voice Apps, you can create a single project and choose in which of these languages/locales your skill should be available.

    For this demo, leave the default of "English (US)" selected.

  5. The next option, "Copy US data to other English locales" allows you to create your conversation one time in English and automatically copy that conversation to the other English locales that you have selected.  This saves you an incredible amount of time compared to other platforms that require you to create separate skills for each locale.  You can override settings for a specific locale by editing those settings directly.  We'll show you how easy this is in the Multiple Languages/Locales article.

    For now, just leave the default setting for this block.

  6. Click the "Choose Icon" image to bring up the Icon Selection window.  You can enter any search term in the search box and the results will show icons that are available.  Select any icon.

    You can also upload an icon from your local computer.  Just drag and drop the file in the upload box or click the box to bring up a browse window.

  7. Enter a description for your project in the Description block.

  8. Click "Create"

Your project is now created and you will see it on your "Projects" page.   

In Part 2 of this Quickstart, we'll create the actual conversation for the skill.  See you there!

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