Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about Voice Apps.


Q.  What is Voice Apps?
A.  Voice Apps is an online service that allows anyone to create voice-enabled applications (skills) for Amazon Alexa.

Q.  Do you host the Alexa skills on your server or does it get hosted on Amazon?
A.  Part of your skill is hosted in Amazon Alexa and part is hosted by us.  Essentially, all of the voice interaction parts are hosted at Amazon and all of the logic and flow of your skill is hosted by us.  Voice Apps makes it really easy to deploy your skill to Amazon when you are ready.


Q.  How is the Standard Audio Player feature different from the Advanced Audio Player?
A.  The standard player includes the ability to play, pause, and stop the audio stream.  The advanced player adds the ability to navigate using next and previous and supports looping or queuing up the next track so playback is seamless from one track to another.

Q.  Can I create Alexa skills for the Echo Show and Echo Spot?
A.  Yes, but we currently don't support sending images or video to the screens or the ability to capture touch input from those devices.  Don't worry, though, it's on the way!

Q. Can I add a scoring system or game levels to my skill?  
A.  YES.  Voice Apps allows you to capture and store all kinds of information.  You can capture input from the user,  save scores, or keep track of whose turn it is, and even do mathematical computations.  All of this information can be saved between sessions so when the user returns, they can start where they left off instead of starting over.

Q.  Do you support in-skill purchases and premium content upgrades?
A.  Not at this time, but it's on the way very soon!

Q.  Can I call out to a 3rd party API to get data for my skill?
A.  YES.  Our API Function allows you to connect to both public and private APIs to retrieve data to use in your skill.  Several of our demo skills show how this is done.


Q. Do you support dynamic content? Can I update the skill at any time by using your tools?
A.  YES.  You can update your content and change your skill's responses on the fly.  If you need to change anything in your interaction model... add/remove intents, change sample utterances or slots, or anything like that, you'll have to re-submit your skill for certification.


Q.  What are your pricing plans?
A.  Our FREE plan gives you everything you need to build almost any kind of Alexa skill you can think of.   Our Professional plan provides you will tools and features to make skill building easier and faster, saving you both time and money.  Choose our Custom Plan if you'd like to work with us to build your skill or add custom features to your skills.

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