You can get to the project settings screen by clicking on the Configuration Button at the top left of your project canvas.

Basic Settings

Project Name

On this tab, you can quickly update the name of your project.   To change the name, just type the new name in the Project Name box.   It saves automatically.  

Default Voice

This allows you to set the default voice that will be used for all of the voice responses in your project.

You can override this default setting by choosing a specific voice when creating your voice responses in your project.


You can get certain personal information directly from your user's Amazon or Google accounts and use it in your project.  The user must give you specific permission to obtain this information, however.  

Here you can choose which information or features your application needs to access.

Voice Apps will automatically ask the user for these permissions when the user enables your skill or action.  It will also automatically retrieve the requested information automatically and place it in a variable for you to use in your project.

For a more detailed description of how to use permissions, see our dedicated lesson on Permissions here:

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