Adding sounds to your voice applications can make your project more engaging for your users.  You can add sound effects or music, respond in your own voice, respond with professional voice actors, and more.

You'll find the Short Audio Response on the Responses tab of the Block Editor.  Short Audio Responses get added to Response Groups.

NOTE:  You can have no more than 5 Short Audio Responses in a single response and they cannot be more than 240 seconds long in total.

How to Use

Add a new Short Audio Response

To add a new Short Audio Response, click the Short Audio Response icon at the bottom of the Response Group.

Adding an Audio File

You can drag and drop a file from your local computer onto the File Upload box

Or, you can click the Choose Files button to manually select a file from your local computer.

If you drag and drop or choose a file manually, your audio file will be automatically converted to a compatible format for Alexa and Google and will be hosted on Voice Apps' servers.

You can also click the Enter URL button and enter the URL to your audio if it is hosted externally.  This method also allows you to use a variable for the entire URL or parts of the URL as needed.

Randomly Choose an Audio File

If you add multiple audio files or URLs to the Short Audio Response, then Voice Apps will automatically play one of them randomly each time the block executes.

If you want to play multiple audio files, simply add another Short Audio Response to the Response Group.

Playing an Audio File

Click the play button next to the audio file you'd like to play.

Deleting an Audio File

Click the minus symbol to the right of the audio file to remove it from the Short Audio Response.

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